I think 'living in full color' means loving who we are. All the parts. Our messy and broken parts mixed with our strengths and gifts. Owning it all and walking freely every single day in the women God created us to be.

Kimberly Smith
Founder & President of BeautifullyBrokenx3

Blessed wife and mom, crazy about Jesus, speaker, author & coach

God painted us beautifully with all the colors of His glory. Let's stop fading into the lies and shine!

Tami VanHoy

Mom - Nana - Author - Speaker

2017 Mary.jpg

Living life to the full color includes laughter and tears, joy and sadness, facing the hurts and embracing healing. Don't run from difficult seasons, run through them and you will find colors of life brighten every time you come through the storm.

Mary Eckard 
Co-Founder Dragonfly Ministries

Lover of Jesus, Author and Speaker