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12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day Nine

Day Nine🎄

Sweet Sisters, can I share something before jumping into our challenge today?

So, about a month ago, I felt like God was telling me my word for 2022 would be Consistency.

Goodness knows that applies to BBx3. Sunday, I felt pretty proud of myself for our 12 day Christmas Challenge and my consistency only to wake up sick as a dog Monday.

Negative Covid test, but I do feel like I've been hit by a train.🤒

If the enemy is anything, he is predictable, isn't he?

We are going to power through this 12 days of Christmas Challenge! 👑💪

Today, your challenge is to make time to sit with Jesus and ask Him what your focus needs to be in 2022.

Just you and Jesus.

God promises He will finish the work He started here on earth in and through us. Ask Him to stir in your heart what that looks like for you this next year. It could be rest. It could be courage or faith, or boldness. It may be a person's name—someone to forgive or love better.

Sit with it, and don't rush. Once you have your word, whether that's today or in the days to come, journal it. Tape it to your mirror. Keep it where you can see it.

I'm praying for your still moment today and maybe even a cup of coffee or tea with Jesus. It is always time well spent. 😊

So much love,

P.S. We'll be posting daily over in our BBx3 Facebook Community If you're not already part of this amazing group of women, come join us!🌻 (IF you don't receive an email, please go check the BBx3 Community page.)

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