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12 Days of Christmas Challenge - Day Seven

Day Seven🎄

Today's challenge will be easier for me, most likely hard for you. It's only easy for me because I have done it (and I know it works.) Some of you will think it's ridiculous; others may feel it's impossible.

Whatever you feel, do it. 💪

My guess is you could use the encouragement as we head into this busy week. 🥧🎁🤶

Years ago, I did a Bible study on seeing ourselves through God's eyes. It was one of many written to turn the tide of many years of women killing themselves to be beautiful. Girls, we can go to exhausting efforts to be "beautiful" —beauty as defined by the world.

I could go on for days about how media and women's movements tarnished the way we see ourselves. I believe it's where our feeling of "not enough" was put on steroids, and now is a devastating plague our daughters endure.

Do you know how many young girls are having surgery to change something they don't like or enlarge areas they see as too small? It is heartbreaking.

Anyway, for a week the book told us to stand in front of the mirror (every morning), look ourselves in the eyes, and say, "You are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made."

Did I feel ridiculous the first day or two? Absolutely. We've been programmed to look in the mirror and see nothing but flaws. But something about the process changed my thinking. I exhaled. I could see the things I disliked about my appearance God made. And more than that, he called me beautiful.

Today, your challenge is to stand in front of your mirror and tell yourself you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Beautiful.

You may need to pray that God will help you see yourself through His eyes. (Some of our programming is painfully, deeply ingrained.) 👑 And even though this is today's challenge, you get bonus points if you do it all week! 😊

I promise you'll thank me!😘

I love you, Sweet Sisters. My prayer is that you see yourself through God's, today and every day.🌻💛🌻

P.S. Have you messaged us about your need for Beautiful Blessings? Have you nominated someone you love? 🎁 Can you help provide a blessing? If so, please let us know.

P.S.S. We'll be posting daily over in our BBx3 Facebook Community If you're not already part of this amazing group of women, come join us!🌻

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