Kim, Haleigh & Anna make the x3. Mother and daughters who, like you,  can testify to be forged through fire and finding beauty from ashes. 


Kim Haleigh and Anna

If you've found this site, you must be an overcomer, a survivor, resilient,  - or you're flat out in the midst of a storm.  Either way, we're glad you're here. If you’re looking for connection and community, you’re in the right place. Grit and grace, we've got you. 


We’ve found this life doesn’t seem to get any less crazy despite our age, our healing, or our overcoming. Modern-day women working hard to get better at crazy. (Yes, it's a thing.)

 We're different yet in many ways the same. ABSOLUTELY living proof that God’s grace transforms lives, and that we're better when we stick together. 


We have an affinity for words, or as we like to say the gift of gab. (We talk, a lot.) Being part of a Tribe, even if online, means something to us. We will not claim to be experts at anything. But, if something we've gone through or healing we've found helps you, that's a huge win. 

So, whether you're killing it and feel totally on top of your game today, or whether you're barely hanging on, we get it.

Again, we're glad you’re here!

Meet The BBx3 Team

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Mom of many, but crazy, mad about my four - Haleigh, Anna MacKenzie, Luke, and Preston. I am married to my best friend, Kyle, who happens to be the sexiest, most hilarious, man’s-man I’ve ever met. They are my tribe and most favorite thing.

I am a first-time Author, Speaker, and love helping my husband renovate homes. I usually start with, I LOVE JESUS. Anything good found in me is definitely all because of him!

I grew up wanting to be Jill from Charlie’s Angels, then an FBI agent, then an attorney, then a teacher, and well, I somehow ended up with a marketing degree pursuing a career in business. Venturing off the corporate path in 2004, I started a nonprofit with my my best friend, Kari to help kids devastated by addiction.


I’m passionate, cry easily, energetic, loud, and come without a filter. You won’t find me pushing a political side. I love my friends regardless of their religion, race, or sexual preference. I advocate for orphans and hurting kids. Half my heart resides in Africa. If I could say one thing to you, it would be, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are so much more than enough.



This is my 27th trip around the sun. Out of the three of us, I would say I am the least attracted to glitter. I have a pretty unique relationship with the man upstairs. I have an out of this world relationship with my dog, Blitzen. He is my saving grace. 

I crave music constantly. If I had to listen to one playlist for the rest of my life it would be a colorful one, consisting of Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Underoath, Paramore, John Mayer, City and Colour and of course The Beatles (I could go on for hours). I thrive off of artistic expression. I’m mesmerized by anything that lives under water. I find joy in flowers, cooking/baking, holidays, children, family, working out, frozen yogurt, The Office and the list goes on.

My Mother and Sister are two of the strongest threads that hold this wild heart together. We are all very different. We have each pushed through our own storms and one thing is for certain... we learned long ago that imperfection is just life, messy is OK and that being normal is actually painfully lame. Be nice to yourself today! You deserve it. I’m really glad you’re here.



I go by Anna or Mackenzie, which comes with a lengthy back story I’ll be sure to tell. I’m 24 years old. My fur baby is Sasha, whom I spoil in a out of control way. My family is huge, mixed with all kinds of personalities, and I love every one of them.


Through childhood trauma and of course all the drama life can bring I discovered the biggest blessings are big families that  come with enormous amounts of support, love and most importantly, forgiveness. Not only am I a young adult learning how to create a life I love, I am a woman in recovery.


I am an empathetic, an artist, I love to love, and I'm strong. I'm emotional, I struggle with anxiety, depression, and dependency issues. Again, I’m a 20 year old girl which is one hell of a roller coaster in itself.


I cuss. I am far from perfect, and don't have any idea how to be a blogger. My amazing mom, Kim, and sister, Haleigh, are my rocks. They keep me grounded.


We're so excited you are here to join this journey with us! Remember, broken women are beautiful women and so much to give. 


Just some of our favorite quotes and sayings if you need a pick-me-up today!