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Beautifully Brokenx3 Inc.


the Conference is just a great excuse for us, as women and sisters, to gather in person and grow a little closer to becoming the women God created us to be. We don't know what you need most right now, in this season, but we do know God will meet you there. Heck, grab a friend or coworker and make their day too! We can't wait to see you there.

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This planet can be brutal, can't it? Sometimes it takes a complete shattering to find out who we are. In our brokenness and suffering, we can find healing. We can learn to love our true selves. We can find the grit and grace to get back up. AND sometimes... the shattering may be the very place we find God and his purpose for our lives.



This place is for YOU. Really, no kidding. Whether you're living your best life or find yourself in a pit, this community of authentic women will bless you. It's a great place for motivation and encouragement, AND even a tribe of prayer warriors willing to storm the gates of heaven for you. Check out Beautifully Brokenx3 Facebook Group.


Beautifully Brokenx3

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Beautifully Brokenx3 is a ministry, a tribe, a community of women longing to find a place in the world where their pain makes sense and can even be used for good. A place you feel understood and accepted regardless of where you're at today or where you've been. Raw, real women empowering each other to bravely become the women God created us to be.

Beautifully Brokenx3, INC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is provide an authentic and transparent community where women are empowered to freely walk in who God created them to be while falling more and more in love with Jesus.

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