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the Book

beautifully broken

Forged through Fire
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Do you know a woman that needs healing?


A girl desperate to put her past behind her?

A friend that's been betrayed?

Not sure she'll ever overcome her brokenness?


Maybe it's you that's been shattered? You wonder if God can still use a woman "like you?" Does your pain have a purpose? This book is perfect for that woman. 

2nd Edition with Guide
available now

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about the author

Kimberly is a blessed wife and mom who can’t go a day without Jesus. An author and speaker, she is the founder and president of BeautifullyBrokenx3, a ministry started with her two adult daughters, Haleigh and Anna. The beginning of their story inspired a grassroots organization called Journey to Dream that continues to equip and empower teens today. Nearly twenty years later, BBx3 is proof that God can and will provide the grit and grace we need to overcome. Kim's transparency on life, marriage, and motherhood, along with her success and failures in the corporate and nonprofit world, make her story of tragedy and triumph one that will make you laugh, cry, and believe that with God, you achieve anything. 


Kim and her husband, Kyle, live in Texas with their two sons.

What others say about the book

"Great Read! A lighter version of Beth Moore."

Amazingly Beautiful

I love the honesty and vulnerability in which Kim shares her story of hurts, heartbreak, and pain. And I also love the encouragement and power I find in her resilience and healing. Her story is a perfect example of how God can take the broken pieces of our lives and turn it into something amazingly beautiful.

Resonated with me

Thank you for sharing your story. It truly is inspiring. I know other women who would be blessed and can relate to your story. And though the details of my story and background are different than yours, there were very similar themes in your story that I definitely resonated with. I especially loved the questions you included in chapter 2 that you got from your sponsor. I’ve written them down in my journal to make the habit of asking myself those questions daily.


"All my life, I wanted to be chosen."  As I read this line in chapter one, I was promptly captivated! I absolutely loved the beautiful, painful and loving journey Kim took us on. I was gently invited to dig deeper with the lessons and questions at the end of each chapter that I have honestly denied myself. I was pleasantly surprised with this journey and will read it again, as there were many great insights. Thank you Kim, this inspired me to action! 

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