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Did you accept or believe?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Beautiful One, I have so much to share with you today. I hope you'll stick with me.

So, about eighteen months ago I started praying God would take me deeper in our relationship. That my heart wouldn't be lukewarm. I felt a pull to increase my prayer life and dig into His Word. I wanted to know more and understand better.

The Bible talks about the mysteries of God. Some will believe and be given understanding. Others will harden their hearts and won’t be given insight into the mysteries of God.

Have you thought about where you land?

Lately, I've been listening to Stephanie Tyndall in the group She Rises. She often goes where many are afraid to go. You know that feeling when you think you should express your truth about God but then fear of persecution or backlash, rejection sets in. Well, she said something recently that convicted me about how I approached a topic in my book, Beautifully Broken.

I stayed on the surface to please others. It convicted me so much that I decided to get serious about the 2nd edition of the book.

Part of what Stephanie talked about was how watered down our gospel is today. About how many churches have made salvation a simple prayer? Churches are even teaching there could be multiple ways to God, discounting Jesus and all He did on the Cross.

Remember, Jesus said in the last days people would be deceived, many people, by the tickling of the ear. Meaning, they will accept teaching that feels good and isn't offensive over truth. Aren't we a people terrified to offend? I mean, seriously, who wants to get in an all-out Facebook brawl with family or friends.

Not me.

Still, our truth has to remain our truth.

Still, our truth has to remain our truth.

I believe with all of my heart that God is calling us out of our slumber. He's asking us to stand up against a water-downed gospel. I believe He's calling dry bones back to life. To revival. And not just to life but to arise as warriors. Warriors ready for battle. Like He did in Ezekiel.

Anyway, I was intrigued by what Stephanie said the other day regarding the difference between "accepting" Jesus and "believing" in Jesus. There's a difference. And if there's ever been a time to examine our hearts, it is now.

SO many people “accept” the gospel when it's shared with them. They accept what they're told about Jesus dying on the Cross, forgiving their sins so they can go to heaven. Almost like checking off a checklist. But, they never go any further with God. Either they think they have their ticket to heaven and that's all that matters, or they are not exposed to what it means to follow Jesus.

We can accept something that is false. It makes sense for others, but not for us; yet, still we can accept it. When we BELIEVE something, it goes much deeper. We take it in as our truth. We accept it as truth and that gives it power. Does that make sense?

When we believe the gospel, it leads to repentance (because we genuinely see the gravity of our sins.) We receive the Holy Spirit. That deposit, guys, is everything. Because of it, we should never look or be the same.

I wish I could articulate the gift the Holy Spirit has been to me. I would sit and tell you of the countless times I received peace beyond my understanding or strength when it simply didn’t make sense. I would tell you about self-control or courage I’ve somehow mustered when I was an insecure mess inside. And, of course, the ability to love when I don’t feel like loving.

Is it 24/7? Absolutely not. I sin and fail Some days, I fail hugely.

Sometimes, I’m hellbent on doing it my way (which never works out well.)