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Fear of man, or fear of God?

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Beloved Sisters,

I hope you can watch this teaching by Lisa Bevere this weekend. It foreshadows what we hope to present at the Beautifully Brokenx3 Women’s Conference this fall. I pray that every single one of you that watches it will be standing in tears at the end like I was, declaring your fear of the Lord over the fear of man.

Have you noticed I pulled waaay back after the conference last year? I blame it on the ongoing health saga I’ve had going on. I like to blame it on being so busy as Kyle’s partner at work as his business exploded last year. Oh, and for sure, I partially blamed it on writing the 2nd edition of my book.

Guess what? All of those certainly played a role in my hiding. Maybe you could say hibernating. But I know the fear of man also plays a part. Fear of being disliked or rejected, even persecuted. I cannot tell you how many teachings and messages God has put before me this year about succumbing to the fear of man.

Wow… I’m deeply sorry.

God gave me the word BOLD for 2023. I’ve yet to embrace it. But as I sit here today wanting to stay off social media, I know God gave me this platform to speak boldly, truthfully in love – for this day and this season of history. Whether to one of you or 500.

I KNOW who I am in Christ, yet the enemy is still relentlessly defeating me. I’ve gotten consumed with the “what if’s” and the lies of satan. I still berate myself for getting caught up in our social plague of relativism rather than boldly standing for truth.

Lisa is right. Truth is a person. Truth is Jesus.

He IS THE truth and THE life and THE way.

I can be the worst of the worst when it comes to people-pleasing. We, as a society, are paralyzed by the importance of being liked. We’re also quick to judge and criticize those different from us. Even those that make mistakes. Precious Sisters, judging and criticizing is of satan, not of God. Our role is to love and encourage our brothers and sisters of the faith, not tear them down. That doesn’t glorify God. It is a sick way of us trying to make ourselves God.

We judge and criticize a comment or post, or message as if we've never made the same mistake or had something we've said taken out of context. We persecute entire worship teams for something a leader at their church did. We've decided that our way of interpreting scripture is the only way. Like our opinions are fact. Just as Lisa said, God is not impressed by our opinions. He doesn't need us to stand in judgment of those we're supposed to be walking with. They will know us by our LOVE.

Short and sweet. This Mama Bear is waking up. I have renounced my fear of man and asked God to make me bold and courageous. That my only fear will be of Him. If I’ve hurt or discouraged you by going quiet, I apologize.

I believe those around us need us to live like we fear God and not man. Desperately. Our husbands and children need us. Not to tell them all they’re doing wrong but to prophesy in faith what we believe God is doing in their lives. It is time to get up. To wake up. To be who He created us to be. Yes, you will continue to hear that over and over again from BBx3.

Let’s be strong. Let’s encourage each other to have courage because GOD is with and for us. Let’s stop playing around like we have all the time in the world because we don’t. Let’s commit to renouncing our fear of man as many times as it takes. Let’s pray for a healthy fear of God.

Find your tribe, Girls. This will not be possible with women you only know online. That is a false sense of what God desires for us in fellowship. COVID is behind us. Meet in person. Pray in person. Sit with women and allow them to know and see you, to fight with you.

I love you SO much, and I’m praying for you. For us.

Be strong and of good courage, for the Lord your God is with you.

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