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What's Your Fairytale?


Man, you have been on my heart.

If you pay attention to the BBx3 Community Group page on Facebook, you may have heard me say recently that I continue to find myself needing a break from social media.

Are any of you experiencing that?

Weary or worn down from it. And is it really social media I’m weary of…

I wonder.

The kicker is that it’s the best way to market whatever you’re selling right now: a book, a product, a service. We need social media to stay in front of our audience. Gone are the days of print advertising. I mean, seriously, who is buying $15 magazines these days? Uhhh... no, thank you.

Even email can be exhausting. I get excited to see a Devo or newsletter in my inbox only to lose interest halfway through it. Truth. If it’s more than a 5-minute read, I’m out. And absolutely to no fault of the author or even the information. It’s just my brain’s desire for short, sweet, and brief.

Everything feels mentally heavy.

Are you weary?

The buzz for this next season is to “sell” rest and refreshment, restoration. Do those things seem like a distant dream to you? Like a long-passed season. Don’t get me wrong, they are important, even in battle.

You gals know my heart for self-care, meditation, focused breathing, and all those things. I stand by the need for them every single day. But, I’m also going to continue to tell you how important it is to move your body 30 minutes a day (yes, park at the back of the parking lot every time.) Drink half your body weight in water. Eliminate toxic foods from your diet. Etc. Etc.

Girl, you must!


Because here’s the deal. We ARE at war.

We are at war, and I’m not sure refreshing and rest are coming. Are we battle-ready?

I had time to go back and watch a speaker I missed last week. She was amazing and motivating. She talked about our identity in Christ being that of a warrior. If you know me, you know that I love the idea of being a bad ____, princess-type, warrior for the Kingdom. Sorry, but I do.

Like fully armored up, sword and shield, riding on a white horse on our way to annihilate evil and the enemy with Jesus. That is my fairytale. (Only it's not a fairytale, and you have to admit moving away from Cinderella was a big step.😉)

What's Your Fairytale?

Anyway, I hadn’t really thought about how we’re thrown into war the minute we become believers, when our faith is brand new.

Right? Doesn’t Satan do his best in those days to remind us of our pits and our past? It’s like every sin and temptation we struggle with is at the forefront.