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Be the good soil

Do you ever wonder why some people receive Jesus and others don’t’?

I do.

A lot.

Part of me wants to just shake them and yell, “JESUS IS THE BEST THING THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN TO YOU!”

Obviously, not the best way to evangelize.

Still, for me, it’s a lot like how I felt after having my first baby. Talk about love like you’ve never known. Mind blown. I wanted everyone to experience it. It’s been the same with me for Jesus. I want everyone I love to experience a relationship with him.

I know, I know… we make horrible holy spirits, and thank goodness God is in control. My way of convicting definitely wouldn’t win over a lot of hearts.

The way God moves and convicts hearts is absolutely a beautiful mystery to me. It’s frustrating when I don’t see him convicting hearts that I’m praying will change, but that’s where faith comes in, isn’t it?

I’ve talked about the mysteries God reveals to us in the bible. I remember the day vividly and the excitement my daughters shared when scripture made sense in a way it hadn’t before. Like God was talking directly to them through the Word.

Why don't they believe?

Thinking about why someone does or doesn’t accept Jesus is a tough one for many of us.

A mystery.

I want to believe God is this all-encompassing, all inclusive, no one gets left behind, and everyone’s welcome in heaven kind of God. But He’s not.

I know His Word. I watched the Passion. I got a glimpse into the sacrifice it took and the immense, unfathomable suffering. A sacrifice that warrants our whole heart, our belief.

A gift we can’t really wrap our brains around.

There’s something about the Parable of the Sower that makes sense to me when I wonder about why folks do or don’t receive God’s Word. It also reminds me of the role or part we play.

In Beautifully Broken, I talked about being on rocky soil a time or two myself. I don’t find it a coincidence one bit that I love that photo of one simple flower growing through concrete. There’s something super sweet between me and God and His long-suffering.

My hardheadedness. It certainly felt like growing through concrete at times. I’m sure for both of us.

I experienced the emotional “mountaintop” at church camp in 7th grade when I got saved. That’s what we called it in the Baptist church. Some call it being born again or simply giving your heart to Jesus.

Anyway, I was on cloud nine at camp, but my excitement fizzled out quickly when I got home. Sadly, so did my interest in Jesus.