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God's Love - Unstoppable

So often, I write things in our Beautifully Brokenx3 Community that I think I should post. Most aren't your typical 1,000 word blog post, but today I thought, "what the heck!"

While this one is for my daughter, it reminded me of the sheer power of God's love.

Can you imagine how hard it must be to give us free-will? This recovering codependent, control freak cannot. It's painful to "let go and let God."

It is HARD to allow our kids to navigate life. I can't imagine tears God must shed watching us navigate ours. Refusing to listen, changing His words, ignoring Him all together.


I remember HIS love. It's not like ours.

Unstoppable love. There is truly NOTHING that can separate us from His love. Much like our Mama's hearts yet even bigger, His love is unconditional... unashamed, relentless, unstoppable.

June is a wrap! My prayer is that you got a little closer to healing your inner child or maybe you did something this month to celebrate her. Keep loving her. Keep celebrating her. She is so worthy.

Most mornings, I read Bible commentaries and a couple of devotionals. I'm loving Bible Hub and Blue Letter Bible.

Some days I read until I know I hear what God is trying to say to my heart. At times, He whispers something so sweet and so sure to my heart that's easy. Others, I struggle. I get distracted. I get frustrated that He feels so far away. Yet, every time, there are words - scripture I can depend on. Today, one of my devotionals talked about putting God in a box based on our religion. Man, I sure have. In my early walk, God resided in a tiny box. One I only opened on Sundays. Prior to that it had pretty much been Christmas or Easter or when I was in crisis.

As I grew in my faith and relationship with Him, He started blowing that box up. Today, there is NO box. I don't want to put Him in a box. Everything in me wants to see His Glory... His vastness and power.

I didn't fall in love with Jesus because of some sort of religious path. I got here by coming face to face with a God that's love is unstoppable. It hunts me down. It shows up when hope is lost. It is relentless and oh, so faithful. It sits with me in the pit. It offers me a hand when I'm ready to climb out. It gives me joy and peace and strength I could never muster on my own.

Sweet and Beautiful Sister, wherever you are on your journey... TRUST His love. Ask Him to show you how deeply and madly He loves you.

And then, pay attention. It might show up in a song (quite possible not a worship song.) It may show up in words from a friend. It could show up in a gorgeous sunset or sky. Don't limit Him. He wants you to know the depth and width of HIS LOVE.

Girl, seek it! Embrace it! Bask in it! 🌻🌻🌻


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